Connor the artist

Connor (3.5) is still our energizer bunny in both the amount of jumping he does as well as the endless energy.  He loves jumping into a wrestling match feet first but he’s also the first to ask for a cuddle on the couch.  With Maya and Ari gone most of the day at school Connor has become mom’s designated helper in the kitchen.  We either prepare dinner together or a treat for Family night, or sometimes just an after-school snack.  He loves getting on his oven mitts to stir something on the stovetop and he’s even learned how to use measuring spoons and cups (I got tired of not knowing how much flour he’d put in!).  Connor has loved the snow this winter…both eating it and playing in it.  When we aren’t cooking together we are out in the driveway, him playing while I shovel.  This month we haven’t had snow and he loves to help me clean the yard, rake leaves and pick up sticks.


Connor has never previously liked coloring and he’s never held a crayon very well.  Most of his coloring at preschool has been quick scribbles.  Well a couple of weeks ago one of his friends at school told Connor he wasn’t very good at coloring.  I happened to be teaching that day and I almost stepped in and said something like, “Well we are all good at different things..”  Instead I just watched.  It was like a light bulb went on.  Connor didn’t say anything but he spent a long time watching this friend and working on his own picture.  Since then Connor has really practiced his coloring and his hand coordination has improved tons!  One day while Maya was home sick they even went to work on his wall.  Thankfully Maya made sure they were using washable markers and crayons!DSC02801

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