Maya turns six!

DSC01894Maya turned six this week and I laugh that I had to erase five before typing in six.  I’m still getting used to the idea that she’s gotten older!   She has really sprouted up this summer and needed all new shoes and clothes for school.   She’s gotten very picky so we went on a special time last night to try on things to make sure she likes them.  She likes shoes that are wide and clothes that are soft with few seams and decals.  She decided on some brightly colored sketchers and soft jeggings from H&M.  She still likes her hair short and loves playing house and school with her brothers.

She wanted her birthday party on her birthday, a Wednesday so we had planned to meet a couple of her best school friends Lilly, Camille and Ava at the pool.  Unfortunately we got rained out so instead they came and played at the house with the cousins Alice and Benji too.  I made her a Octonaut pinata and an ice cream cookie cake.  I thought ice cream cake was good, but man ice cream cookie was so much better!  We tried playing water balloons and four square but mostly they just enjoyed jumping on the trampoline and playing.  I was glad Grandma and Aunt Beth came too as it was tricky to have a party with out any help!  I miss having my brother Justin and his wife Jen around.  They moved to Charleston for med school and they used to always come for birthdays and even most Sunday dinners.  Here’s some pics from the fun:

DSC01875 DSC01877 DSC01883 DSC01885 DSC01892

For her birthday Maya wanted a three wheeled scooter and a gymnastics mat.  She’s still doing gymnastic tumbling and can do five or six backhand springs in a row.  She says she doesn’t like how hard she has to work at gymnastics but she likes being able to do the tricks and prepare for performances.  Its a good lesson early on that hard work pays off!  She starts first grade next week and is doing French immersion like Ari.  I’m a little nervous for her going all day but I think she’ll get used to it soon enough!  All she has been talking about is how funny her French teacher is and that she gets to ride the bus to and from with Ari and her friends.

Here’s Maya’s stats at her check up: 55lbs 90%, 46.5 in tall 75%


Sadie at 9 months

DSC01816Our Sadie is now 9mo and is sure getting around!  She’s been able to take steps for a while now but she’s really cautious and prefers to crawl if she wants to go very far.  She is really good at walking down the hallway with one hand on the wall and can almost get around the kitchen the same way.  She loves having Ari and Maya home for the summer and will often reach out to Ari wanting him to pick her up and take her around.  She still puts things in her mouth but thankfully is learning what is and isn’t good to eat.  When mom says, “Icky!”  she obediently spits it out… unless its something yummy like cookie crumbs on the floor.  Recently she has discovered how fun the sandbox is and crawls in with her brother whenever she can.  She also loves the hose and has drenched herself quite a few times when mom wasn’t looking.  She gotten teeth earlier than any other of our kids and has been quite miserable because of it.   In these pics you can see her chomping on her fingers and the rash from the constant runny nose.  Her two little bottom ones have poked through and I think there are some others coming in soon too.  She’s gotten more verbal this month too.  She loves to say “Da-da” and “Nana” and is exploring other sounds too.  Today at church she sang right along with everyone…ahhh….but I swear she hit some of the notes right!

We love Nana!

We were sure lucky to have Nana stay with us an extra two weeks after Ari’s baptism.  The time just flew by!  We got to go swimming several times, to the aquarium twice, and to the library.  The kids mostly just loved their morning walks with Nana and playing around the house.  Sadie even learned to say “Nana” while she was here.  Sadie and Nana loved taking afternoon naps together.   Her face lights up when we skype Nana or do a facetime call.  I’m sure she doesn’t understand where Nana went!  Connor and Maya loved doing little things to earn a mint from Nana’s stash.   Ari loved playing games with Nana and even let her win a few games of checkers so I hear.DSC01519




Connor turns 3!


Connor turned three this weekend and went with mom and dad to pick out a new bike.  His one requirement was a “geen” one!  He picked out a new strider so he and Maya can stride around the neighborhood together.

Connor has really been into trains lately and loves building the tracks in the basement like Ari used to do.  He doesn’t care too much for Thomas but likes the Chuggington train show on netflix.  Connor still loves building and fixing things and especially taking out the trash.  He is talking so much more now and will miss his speech teacher Amie who has come to the house for the past year to help him.  That program ended when he turned 3 but a recent test put Connor in the 6% so he will still be doing a speech class once a week in the fall.

Connor’s stats at his 3yr old checkup: 33lbs 65%, 37.6 in 50% and head 20.1 in 75%

For Connor’s birthday party we had a family bbq on the fourth and invited the cousins and Grandma and Grandpa.  Mom made a cupcake cake and train pinata.  So fun!


Ari’s baptism


Last Saturday Ari was baptized, one of the newest members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!  Afterwards he was just glowing and Maya kept asking him why he kept smiling.  Finally he answered her it was because he had the Holy Ghost with him and it felt so good!  The service itself was super sweet.  He was baptized by his dad and both his grandpas were the witnesses.  His uncle Justin talked on baptism and Aunt Jen talked about when she got the Holy Ghost and how it changed her.  Literally she felt her mind was opened to understanding the scriptures better.  Ari played “Baptism” on the violin with his buddy Carter.  Maya and their cousin Alice and a few more girls in the ward sang.  The grandmas gave the prayers and Aunt Beth led the music.  Afterwards we all went to breakfast at Kneaders.


It’s great to be 8!

DSC00649Ari is so excited to be eight!  He still loves legos and riding his bike all over the neighborhood.  At the beginning of the summer we asked if he wanted to do any camps and he said no…he just wants to play all day with legos and friends!  He did do swim lessons with Nance again this week and has become an awesome swimmer.

Ari had a fun Nexo Knight party (the newest lego creation).  The pinata was one of the goblins the knight fight.  Ari planned out all the games like they were knights in training.  All the friends brought nerf guns and they had a blast!

Myrtle Beach!

After Jon and Natalia’s wedding we went to Myrtle Beach for a week with Nana and Papa.  We were excited to also spend the week with our only cousin Milo and his daddy and mommy Uncle Josh, and  Aunt Sara.  It was the first time the cousins got to meet and play!   Milo wasn’t sure what to do with all the noise but there was so much excitement of being in the sand and water he didn’t seem to mind!  Since our family has gotten so big the three oldest grandkids stayed with Nana and Papa and the rest of us (us, Josh and Sara, Justin and Jen, and James) got a separate condo less than a mile up the beach.  It was good to have some sibling time for us too.  At night the kids would go to bed and we would play board games until late.  We were supposed to go scuba diving (I just got certified with Justin and Jen) but there was a storm off the coast that prevented us from getting to go.  It caused a little bit of rain through the week but actually it was super nice to have overcast days at the beach.  We also spent lots of time in the pool or playing games like Foosball and shuffleboard.  We celebrated Papa’s 60th bday and had an overall great time with family.



Jon and Natalia’s wedding!

We had so much fun over Memorial Day weekend flying to South Carolina for Jon and Natalia’s wedding!  It was a picturesque Southern wedding and Ari and Maya did a great job in their roles as ring bearer and flower girl.

The venue was beautiful.  All the sisters were the bridesmaids and brothers the groomsmen.

On Saturday morning we had a rehearsal and then lunch at IHOP

I also loved the girl time I got with my sister in laws both at the bachelorette party on Saturday and then getting our makeup and hair done before the wedding on Sunday.  DSC00420DSC00458 DSC00468

The reception after was a lot of fun too…food and dancing.  Thanks Jon and Natalia!

Sadie at 7 months

DSC00018It’s so amazing how fast they can go from sitting to scooting to full on crawling and pulling up on things.  At seven months Sadie is doing it all trying to keep up with her older siblings.  Like most babies she loves to go for the shoes, electronics, and pretty much any dog toy.  She’s taken a couple of dives head first and looks at you like it was your fault.  She absolutely hates sitting on your lap but loves for mom to carry her facing out with her legs dangling.   When she gets excited she makes an adorable gasping sound.  She also has started waving and waves to anyone who gives her any attention.  This week she got to be Maya’s show and tell for her kindergarten class and she loved waving at all the children.  She has started teething but nothing has popped through yet!

Happy Mother’s Day!

20160508_151416I love this picture because its not perfect and truly shows motherhood and the personalities of my sweet little ones.  Ari has already changed into the soccer clothes he wears pretty much night and day.  Connor refused to let us help him put his shirt on so he has it around his waist.  The only way I could get him to sit still for this picture was for the few seconds he gave me a kiss.  Although he goes a mile a minute he is a sweetheart.  Sadie is a little busybody and in the picture she is playing with my lipgloss.  Finally just looking a sweet Maya makes me smile too.  Last week I heard a talk that I’ve been pondering and wanted to share.  The sister said that as we go through life mission, marriage and then children, the highs get higher and the lows get lower.  The purpose of this life is to find joy.  If we never experienced low moments we wouldn’t appreciate the wonderful ones.  Having children has stretched me immensely (in more ways than one) but it has given me so much joy.  I am so grateful for the blessing to be a mother!20160403_130724

My Mother’s day present came a little early and of course no one could wait to give it to me!  I enjoyed it with all those sunny days we had a few weeks ago!